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Underground Gold Metal Detector

Underground Gold Metal Detector

Model: MD-5008

Features & Specifications:
Power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries in Series
Emitting Frequency: 6.99KHz
Signal Frequency: 437KHz
Indicators: Visual: Lever Meter
Indicators : Sound:2"Speaker or Earphone(Earphone not included)
Function: Disc: Ground BalanceControls
Function: Distinguish Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
Controls: Disc Control; Ground Balance Control
Controls: Tune Control; Sensitivity control
Controls: Discrimination Control
Controls: Zeroing Control
Operating Current: 300mA MAX at MAX Volume
The Detecting Depth (Max): 1.5--3.5 Meters
Sensitivity: 35cm for a US(25cent)quarter with meter
Sensitivity : Indication at min, discrimination
Export Packing: 4PCS /Carton 0.1736CBM
Export Packing : (84*31*17cm)
Attachment : battery box and battery bag

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Product Description
Underground Gold Metal Detector
Item No. : SMU002

Color: Black
Material: PVC
Lead Time: 10days
The MD5008 under ground metal detector is manufactured with new advanced technology. It has such good characteristics as wide detecting scope, accurate orientation, good discrimination ability, easy operation, etc. The metal detector is mainly used to detect and discriminate metal goods and treasures which are underground. Apart from its military use, The MD5008 under ground metal detector can also be used in such fields as: safe-exam, ancient relicís investigation and mine detection. It has a deeper detecting depth. Compared with the same kind of instrument from home & abroad, it has a reasonable price.

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