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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-800  (Multi Zone Detection)

Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-800 (Multi Zone Detection)

Brand: L&J Metal Detector
Product Code: Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-800
Availability: 1000


The State Council promulgated the "Regulations entertainment venues," pleaded understand more than 2000 square meters of business area or can accommodate the number of people in more than 200 Disco, dance hall, KTV and other leisure and entertainment venues need to install security doors, X-ray security of small doses check equipment and hand-held metal detectors and other security devices to suspend security checks. In order to implement the Decree of the State Council of times, repairing all regions of civic action places the security gate, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Wuhan, Kunming and other cities took several procurement approach.
   Security door is a method for detecting the presence or absence personnel carrying metal objects detection devices, also known as metal detector gate. Consumption of the metal detector security doors are used in airports, railway stations, major conferences and other public places where large crowd of people to check on the body hiding metal objects, such as guns, knives and other. When inspectors from the security gate pass, carried on the human body when the metal beyond the preset parameter values based on the weight, quantity or shape, security door alarm immediately and show where the metal constituting the alarm location, security doors principle to let security staff to detect that person carry metal objects.
(1) The door body and the host using the new ABS material, which has impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent electrical properties, does not absorb moisture, fire-retardant, easy to change due to weather and deformation characteristics.
(2) LED display frequency! Universal 220VAC power input, stable voltage 12VAC outputs. Aluminum-magnesium alloy, durable air power plug; unique foot design, the more stable landing door, the door is not easy to shake.
(3) door hardware detection 0.3MM 250 laps of pure copper, aluminum edging outside, with a small resistance, energy-saving, high strength, long life, by the fall, without interference characteristics; better than copper clad aluminum wire resistance, light weight and short life. And to ensure the stability of the sensitivity of the security gate and age.
(4) the number of data lines connected to the host and the door body 25 pin D-shaped parallel interface, only one direction of the insertion, which increases the transmission speed of the data line. Hosting control panel LCD screen Debug menu. Detection zone without blind spots, detecting area to detect the points uniformly good; the basic structure of the human body from head to toe, the security gate is divided about each eight detection zone, door frames have two columns measuring light alarm, more intuitive, more accurate .
(5) The sensitivity is multi-turn potentiometer (10 laps) Original imported wound, it can be individually adjusted 250 sensitivity, as per an arbitrary adjust the sensitivity of metal detectors.
(6) 250 adjustable sensitivity levels! The maximum sensitivity can detect metal control size, can be ruled out belt buckles, keys, cell phones, jewelry, YENBI other items, metal items detected state control. Eight independent detection area is divided evenly distributed, when the object is detected, sound and light alarm, alarm panel LEDs display the alarm zone directly, such as waist with metal, that means three districts alarm. And can automatically alarm times and by demographics.
(7) Self-diagnostic function: built-in self-diagnostic program, POST, passwords, alarm program error has error. CPU central control center grabbers, complex circuit design, infrared devices, computer automatic identification, can effectively reduce false positives and false negatives,
(8) can automatically measure and display ambient conditions interfere with the metal, its machines to help select the installation site.
(9) Password protected settings: a password protection feature, enter the correct password to modify the parameters, the non-operating personnel can not change the security door parameter setting, easy to manage.
(10) comply with international safety standards currently employed, the use of weak magnetic field emission technology for pacemakers wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes and other sound.
◆ Specifications
(1) Through rate: more than 70 passengers per minute, without warning, the number can be doubled through.
(2) Power: Input 220V AC, 50-60Hz. Output 12V AC
(3) Power consumption: <30w.
(4) Working environment: -20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, ≤95% RH.
(5) Dimensions: 2220 mm (high) × 800 mm (width) × 500 mm (depth).
(6) The channel dimensions: 2000mm high × 800mm wide × 500 mm (depth).
(7) Total Gross Weight: about 75kg.
(8) Installation is simple, just put the four self-made door corner fixing screws, plug in 220V power supply can be put into use.
(9) sale: one year repair, maintenance of life! 3-5 year warranty. Door, hosts, and other electronic components are independent accessories. Can be replaced individually, easy to repair.


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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-800  (Multi Zone Detection)
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