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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-330 (33 Zone Detection)  (Rental Services Available!)

Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-330 (33 Zone Detection) (Rental Services Available!)

Brand: L&J Metal Detector
Product Code: Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-330
Availability: 1000


 (Rental Services Available!)


LJ-330 (33 Zones Metal Detection) Walk-through Metal Detector Security Door

LJ-330 (33 location) through the metal security doors
Highlights Introduction:
Built-in power supply: not afraid of power or unplugged temporary outdoor use, can be used continuously for 2-8 hours (custom)
Waterproof: You can still use the outdoor rain; (Custom)
Panel numeric keys to operate; infrared remote control; remote computer networking operations;
  Luxury 5.7-inch LCD display, bilingual menus;
Detection area:
According to the basic structure of the human body will detect the door into 33 overlapping detection area, the use of mesh detection methods and single frequency excitation technique, eliminating weak areas and blind spot detection area, sensitivity higher, more stable performance.
Sound and light alarm, speed can be distinguished tone metal size, multiple alarm volume modes for different choices together by super-bright LED warning lights around the column can accurately show the height of the body corresponding to hide contraband items.
Regional sensitivity:
The maximum sensitivity can detect metal content objects paperclip-sized, self-adjustable between 0-255 level sensitivity, according to the probe request to the district level regulator to appropriate sensitivity, and can also adjust the overall sensitivity. Pre-set metal objects weight, volume, size, location, remove keys, jewelry, belt buckles and other false alarms. Strong anti-interference, hand clap door chaos alarm; up to 8 groups and 20 groups operating frequency preset mode of operation;
Product Process:
PVC products using composite materials and special process, waterproof luxurious appearance is more suitable for large-scale use of high places.
Intelligent statistics:
Intelligent traffic (respectively, the number of statistical and out) and alarm counting function, can automatically statisticians and alarm through several times.
Anti-interference ability:
Digital, analog, and about balancing techniques to prevent false alarms and false negative, greatly improving noise immunity.
Double password protected, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, the password can be modified as needed and provide the password is lost recovery settings, and more secure. Parameter settings are automatically stored without the use of an uninterruptible power supply protection, safer and more convenient.
Electromagnetic radiation:
EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of a weak magnetic field technology, the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, films, video tapes and other sound.
This series of metal detector with integrated design, only 20 minutes to install or remove finished, installation and commissioning were equipped with operating instructions.
Field of use:
Airport, a variety of venues, events, channel security check stations, terminals, casinos, prisons, courts, important government departments, factories, examination room, shopping malls, community areas, and prohibited goods inspection.
Technical parameters:
Power: AC90V-250V 50HZ-60HZ
Power: <35W
Dimensions: 2200mm (high) '800mm (width ') 500mm (D)
Channel dimensions: 2010mm (high) '700mm (width) '500mm (D)
Color: black, gray iron, or other customer specific colors
Weight: about 70kg
Working environment: -20 ° C- + 45 ° C
Standard: GB15210-2003 "detector door general technical specifications through metal" National Standards


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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-330 (33 Zone Detection)  (Rental Services Available!)
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