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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-500 (Multi Zone Detection)  (Rental Services Available!)

Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-500 (Multi Zone Detection) (Rental Services Available!)

Brand: L&J Metal Detector
Product Code: Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-330
Availability: 1000


 (Rental Services Available!)


LJ-500 Walk-through Metal Detector Security Door

◆ Applications:
(1) Metal Factory: prevent finished products, semi-finished products, precious metal loss at the need to exclude belt buckles, cell phones and keys premise accurately detect the metal.
(2) Electronic Factory: prevent finished products, semi-finished products, electronic components loss requires high detection accuracy and anti-jamming capability.
(3) the prison system: to prevent prisoners carrying metal objects into the wards, requires high detection accuracy and the ability to accurately count.
Public security system
(4) The court system / public security system: the exclusion of belt buckles, cell phones and keys premise detection control tool.
(5) Entertainment: In the exclusion of belt buckles, cell phones and keys premise detection control tool.
◆ Features:
(1) using the new FRP door all waterproof material: the exclusive waterproof design, can work normally in the open air (the rain), no cover. Waterproof, corrosion-resistant, does not absorb moisture, fire-retardant, easy to change due to weather and deformation.
(2) the unique foot design, the more stable landing door, the door is not easy to shake.
(3) 6 Location column lamp / detection zone without blind spots, detecting area to detect the points uniformly good;
(4) precise positioning: the basic structure of the human body, the security gate is divided into six / eight detection area can be 100 to adjust the sensitivity, according to the actual application status, pre-set level of sensitivity, and the overall sensitivity be set accordingly.
       (5) The maximum sensitivity can detect metal the size of a paper clip, can be ruled out belt buckles, keys, jewelry, coins and other items, metal objects detected in control. Average of six independent detection of a fabric zoning, when the object is detected, sound and light alarm simultaneously, panel lights directly alarm zone, can pinpoint A, visual display position of the target object.
(6) Self-diagnostic function: built-in self-diagnostic program, POST, an error has error.
(7) complex circuit design, infrared devices, computer automatic identification, can effectively reduce false positives and false negatives, and can automatically count the number of times and by the number of alarms.
(8) Adjustable sensitivity: Each detecting area has 100 Spirit A sensitivity level can be adjusted in accordance with the appropriate sensitivity detection requirements.
(9) can automatically measure and display ambient interference and help select the installation site.
(10) has a continuous operating performance, can not escape detection at any time.
(11) Password protected settings: a password protection function, enter the correct password to modify the parameters, the non-operating personnel can not change the security door parameter setting, easy to manage.
(12) comply with international safety standards currently employed, the use of weak magnetic field emission technology for pacemakers wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes and other sound.
◆ Specifications
(1) standard: "GB15210-2003 through metal detector door," the national standard.
(2) detection procedures: 100 sensitivity adjustment, can satisfy the needs of different occasions.
(3) basic safety: meeting the requirements of GB4793.
(4) Personal safety: meet NILECJ-0601.
(5) Through rate: more than 60 million / per minute.
(6) Power supply: 220V AC, 50 / 60Hz.
(7) Power consumption: <30w.
(8) Working environment: -20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, ≤95% RH.
(9) Dimensions: 2200 mm (high) × 800 mm (width) × 500 mm (depth).
(10) Channel dimensions: 2000 mm (high) × 700 mm (width) × 500 mm (depth).
                 Package Size: Door: 228 * 64 * 20CM
                                Host: 75 * 46 * 25CM
(11) Total weight: about 69kg.
        (12) Installation is simple, with just four screws fixed since then plug in 220V power supply can be put into use. Easy maintenance: door, hosts and other accessories can be replaced separately.



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Walk-through Metal Detector Door LJ-500 (Multi Zone Detection)  (Rental Services Available!)
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