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X-ray Inspection / Scanner Equipment LJ6550  (Low Price, Reliable, Easy to use!)

X-ray Inspection / Scanner Equipment LJ6550 (Low Price, Reliable, Easy to use!)

Brand: L&J Detector
Product Code: X-ray Inspection Scanner Equipment LJ6550
Availability: 1000


X-ray Scanner LJ6550 (Security Inspection Equipment)
(Low Price, Reliable, Easy to use!)
(Regional Distributor or Reseller are welcome and offer special volume discount)
Pls send us email to and check for the best offer!

Model: LJ6550


X-ray baggage screening machines worldwide unique characteristics: 
 parameters leading global: inspection reports issued by the Ministry of Public Security, each parameter are ahead of other products, as detailed in the inspection report. 
★ International brand accessories: the United States SPELLMAN-ray source, Japan, HAMMATSU detectors, Germany INTERROLL rollers. 
 Energy-saving design: The machine can automatically sense objects, luggage put the machine up and running, no luggage, stationarymachines. 
 A key shutdown control: simply rotate about the key shutdown, automatic safe shutdown equipment, reduce equipment failure. 
 Environmental Design: Lead Lianwai plus protective film to prevent exposure to lead guests hand, to avoid lead contamination. 
 dynamic screen switching: when stationary screen can be switched dynamically when you can freely switch.



X-ray baggage screening machine basic parameters of indicators: 
Channel size 650 (W) × 500 (H) mm 
The height of the conveyor speed 0.22m / s conveyor belt from the ground: 50CM 
Conveyor rated load 170 kg 
Resolution of 0.08 mm diameter wire 
Spatial resolution levels: diameter 1.0 mm vertical: diameter 1.0 mm 
Through resolution of 0.254 mm diameter 
Penetration ≥ 40 mm steel 
Safety film on the ISO1600 safety 
Leakage dose 0.05μGy / h


X-ray generator: 
X-ray baggage screening machine direction of the bottom beam illuminated 
Tube current 0.4 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable) 
Tube voltage 100 - 160 KV (adjustable) 
Ray beam divergence angle of 80 ° 
Cooling / working periods Sealed oil cooling / 100%


Image processing system: 
L-shaped X-ray sensor photodiode array detector (multi-energy), 12bit depth 
17 inches high-resolution LCD monitor display 
Color image display based on the material substance, 24-bit true color display 
Edge enhancement of objects more clearly outline the edges 
Super image enhancement clearer image details 
High contrast images show through in bright areas to improve, so easy to penetrate the area more clearly 
Low penetration shown to enhance the contrast in dark areas of an image, which makes it difficult to penetrate the area more clearly 
Magnifier local amplification, dynamic real-time amplification 
Brighten / darken the image brightness increase / decrease the brightness of dark images 
Image pull back / front pull X-ray baggage screening machines display the previous 20 images, and image can be any image processing 
Image restoration image display back to the original state 
Real-time images are stored to save any image, any image can be processed continuously working to save.


Image processing system: 
Multi-energy color display orange organic, inorganic displayed in blue, the mixture is green 
Energy / low energy ENERGE 
DU goods ZHA drug Auxiliary Auxiliary probe to detect the more typical DU goods ZHA drugs and other dangerous items


Use of the environment: 
Operating temperature / humidity:  0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing) 
Storage temperature / humidity:    -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing) 
Operating voltage:    220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3HZ 
Power consumption: 1.1KW (max) 
Noise level: 58dB 
Dimensions: 2300mm (Length) * 160 (Width) * 900mm (Height) mm 
GW: 700KG







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X-ray Inspection / Scanner Equipment LJ6550  (Low Price, Reliable, Easy to use!)
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